Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to have a garden plot?
    Glenfair Community Garden is open to anyone that applies. Previous gardening experience is not required.

How many garden plots are there? How big are they?
    There are 10 full-size plots (20'x10'), 10 half-plots (10'x10'), and 2 raised beds (4'x8') (wheelchair accessible).

How much does it cost?
    Participants are required to work approximately 10-15 hours (season total) at the monthly work parties.

What are the rules and responsibilities for caring for a garden plot?
    All of the rules for the community garden can be found on the Contract Rules page.

What can I grow in my garden plot?
    You can grow anything that complies with the Contract Rules.

Is this an organic community garden?
    Yes, this is an organic garden, so no chemicals, pesticides, or other unnatural growth methods are allowed.

What resources will be available to me? (water, tools, etc)
    - Shared community garden tools available (stored in the tool shed). Garden members are welcome to bring their own tools, labeled with their name.
    - Personalized storage areas for each garden member in the tool shed. 
    - Five water spigots and hoses shared by the garden members
    - A three-bin composter and drum composter (managed by two garden members)
    - Two rain barrels for re-using rain water in the garden
    - And an infinite supply of knowledge from talking to the more experienced gardeners!

Is the community garden open all year?
    We have decided to make winter gardening optional for our garden members. Winter gardening is encouraged because the climate in the Pacific Northwest is wonderful for continued plant growth, since the ground does not freeze solid like in other regions of the country. If a gardener chooses not to grow through the winter, we require them to cover their garden plot with some type of material or cover crop to block weeds. 

What would my role be as a garden member in this community garden?
    We have decided to make participation among garden members a requirement. Since this is a community of gardeners, we hope to develop relationships, get to know one another, and learn from each other. In the Contract Rules, the garden members must participate in at least five out of the eight work parties throughout the year. This should not be a problem for most people, since we try to schedule events at different times throughout the week in order to accommodate the different schedules that we all have.

How do I sign up?
    Please fill out an online application here. If the garden plots are all taken, then still sign up to reserve your spot on the waiting list. 

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
    The garden coordinator is Kathy Gould and she would be glad to talk with you. Contact info is here.

Last updated spring 2011